Empyres group is more than a domain-leader. It’s vision has been tied to Corporate Social Responsibility from its initiation.

From enabling the local population to the highest ecological benchmarks in operation-practices - clearly, Empyres brings alive the social vision of M. S. Khan.

  • Over 16 million trees have been planted in the past 4 decades - reflected in a host of awards
  • Numerous environmental, and animal welfare projects.
  • Several schools and social institutions have been founded in Sawa, Rajasthan
  • Key initiatives have been taken in renewable energy. A wind mill project has been founded in Rajasthan Another - 1.5 MW

A host of awards have been received for best practices from several Prime Ministers, Presidents and Governors including the past president of India - Pratibha Patil, past President - Shakar Dayal Sharma and Sonia Gandhi (Chairperson of UPA).

Before Empyres group sought its place as a world-leader in quality minerals - it was a a belief and a concept of its founder - M. S. Khan. In the past 4 decades, his expertise in mine engineering and geology has become a legend - sought often by the Government of India. To the local population, he is perceived more as a social entrepreneur on a mission to transform lives in Sawa, Rajasthan. He is supported by an on-site force of over 1000 contracted labour, an administrative team of 100 heads and a board of globally renowned experts.