We are one of the largest Greenfield Sand washing and clay processing plants with state of art technology having production capacity of 1200 MT/day. We are an associate company of Progressive and Popular Minerals Pvt. Ltd. the second largest china clay mine owner in Asia. We are using latest technology for processing china clay into various forms as per the requirements of industries like Ceramics, Paper Rubber, Paint, Plastic, Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals, Glass, foundries etc. We have our own R and D wing equipped with sophisticated lab equipments like Colour Touch, Sedigraph and XRF system to ensure the quality of the incoming raw materials as well as end products. The products of M S Sawa Clay and Minerals are well known to its best quality because of strictly adhering to quality control as well as naturally low contents of Fe2O3/TiO2 and presence of K2O/Na2O.

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